Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra At A Glance

Our Background

The Selangor Philharmonic Orchestra (SPO) was founded in February 2012 by Mr. Chan Ling Chee. The orchestra is a community orchestra with a vision of promoting and spreading the beauty of classical music in Selangor, educating and training young musicians to appreciate large scale performance and organization, and discovering new talent and providing them an opportunity to perform in concert.   


SPO initially started with a small group of enthusiastic musicians.  Under the guidance of our Musical Director, Mr Chan Ling Chee, SPO has grown substantially and now unites together some 200 talented musicians under one baton! We have also given birth to two satellite musical groups: the Selangor Philharmonic Youth Orchestra as well as the Selangor Philharmonic Wind Orchestra, both of whom had their inaugural concert in 2016.  While SPO focuses primarily on formal classical music, the orchestra also performs a wide range of instrumental pieces including soundtracks and folk music, in addition to community outreach programs.


SPO is pleased to have collaborated with nationally acclaimed soloists and will continue endeavouring to provide a platform for our local classical musicians to perform and share wonderful music for the benefit of the community. 

We welcome you to journey with us!

Meet The Team

Our Collaborators